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Your CAMHS appointment

If you are referred to CAMHS you will have things explained to you so you know what to expect and you will be able to talk to staff on the phone.

You will be offered an appointment to come and see us. We will aim to see you within 2-3 months but most of the time we will see you before that.

parents_confidentialityAt your first appointment we will want to get to know you and find out what life has been like for you. This is so we can work out the best way to help you. First appointments are sometimes called assessments

It is often important for your family or carers to be involved in the process. You can talk to our staff about who you would like to come to future appointments with you.

We will give you and your parent or carers information to explain how the service works, what everyone’s jobs are and what will happen when you are here.


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More information
My CAMHS Choices has been created by young people with experience of CAMHS and has lots of useful information about how to seek help, diagnosis and moving on.

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