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You and your child may be worried about who will find out that you are coming to CAMHS. We are a confidential service but there are some people we will need to speak to so we can provide the best care for your family.   The person seeing you and your child will explain how and with whom any information you give might be shared 

woman-smilingAs we are a health service we need to let your child’s General Practitioner (GP) know that you’ve been to see us and that we are offering your child a plan of care. We need to send a copy of our letters to you and to the person who has referred you.

We may also like to  speak to other people in your child’s life, for example, school teachers or health staff.

Your involvement

If your child is under 16 years old, you will be fully involved in their treatment and care. If your child is 16 years and over, we may agree to see them on their own and write to them only. These decisions will be based on what we know about them from the person who has referred them and what we have agreed in the assessment appointment.
We would only need to breach this confidentiality if the young person told us that they were, or someone else was in danger or at risk, and if this was the case we would discuss this with them.

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